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Download WatchThief on the App Store here!


Please note: This app requires the use of Apple Watch in order to play.

WatchThief is a new kind of game experience that uses your Apple Watch in a completely unique way! A group of thieves is out to steal your watch, but they’ll only make their move when you’re not looking. Tilt your Apple Watch away from you and the thieves will scatter. Tilt it back toward you to see where they’ve moved. Your job is to pick out the thief leader in the pack before he steals your watch. The thief leader will only ever move forward, while his henchmen will sneak backwards now and then. The thieves will elect a new leader every round, so stay on your toes. Stop him before he swipes your watch!

The Thieves!










Make your selfies fun again! LookOff is a quiz game where your face is the trivia. Make the look, send it to your friends, and see if they can guess which look it is! Score points to level up and unlock colors to draw on your face with!

Click here to view LookOff in the App Store!
Click here to view LookOff in the App Store!


Your Friends Guess Your Look! Draw to Enhance 5shot3

Ornament Sky

Ornament Sky is a Christmas Tree vs. Ornaments Shooter!

Move with arrow keys and shoot by clicking. Just a quick app I threw together to try out Unity!

Click here to view Ornament Sky in the App Store!
Click here to view Ornament Sky in the App Store!

You may need to download the Unity Web Player to play this game. Press the full screen button to expand the game to your full screen size.

Spontaneous Boy Band

Spontaneous is the world’s first and only flash mob boy band. It was started in 2012 by Justin Lennox, Austin Agar, and Reed Cowan. They perform in Snellville, Georgia, with no fixed schedule, locations, or times. Everything about it is completely Spontaneous.

Click here to visit!


The People’s Challenger

In May of 2014, Nintendo announced their People’s Challenger video contest. Independent videographers were to create a 15 second video showing their love for Nintendo and their upcoming release, Super Smash Brothers. The videos would be judged based on video quality, entertainment value, spirit, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Out of over 1000 directors who submitted videos, Nintendo chose me as the winner and declared me the People’s Challenger. I was flown to LA for a week to experience the Electronic Entertainment Expo as Nintendo’s guest.

Here is my submission to the contest:

And here is Nintendo’s video highlighting the experience: